Term 2 at REWA Little Einsteins

Term 2 2017

It is another exciting second term for Little Einsteins and it’s packed with nothing but fun adventures.

Last term’s themes included All about me, Colours all around, The shape of things, Sing a song of opposites and Summer time.

This term our play and learning will be based on the following themes:

  • Autumn
  • World of animals
  • Little things
  • Winter
  • Things that go together
  • It’s chow time

There will be a lot of enjoyable and engaging activities that will couple these themes such as our school trip to Botswana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) and the launch of Show and Tell at our school.

We also have exciting new features to our playing and learn programme which are science experiments, introducing poetry during our story time and show and tell during our circle time. REWA Little Einsteins is a place of free play, diversity and growth which is why this term we now have a dedicated early childhood library and a fantasy world precisely for all our Little Einsteins to explore and discover.

In addition to that, our classrooms have been restructured in a way that reflects the social, emotional, physical and cognitive benefits of the children, during their flow of play and learning.

We are also excited to share with you that REWA Little Einsteins will be joining the rest of the world to celebrate World Environmental Day on the 5th of June when we will be engaging in our own gardening projects. Our aim is to appreciate our natural environment with the children while instilling the virtues of love and appreciation for nature.

To end our term, we have Sports Day on August 10th where we expect to see children, parents and staff put their best foot forward and participate in all our fun races and obstacle courses.

Lots to look forward to and celebrate for Term 2 at REWA Little Einsteins.

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REWA Little Einsteins Team Building Day

Team Building Day

To kick off our term at REWA Little Einsteins, we had a Team Building Day run by Skill Builders Botswana. Kopana i.e. Unity, was the theme of the day, with the intention to bring us all a lot closer together and work as one united team in order to best serve our parents and children.

The day started off early with a dance and aerobic workout which got our energy high and giggles even higher as we watched each other breaking a sweat. The work out was intense for some, yet fun for every one as all the women did their best.

Our team then got the chance to learn about the history of the center and the establishment of Little Einstines as well as further goals and dreams that our director, Priyanka Handa Ram, has for the center through a presentation she had set up. The presentation alone was inspiring and motivating to the staff as they learnt of the takeover of another well-respected nursery school by REWA Little Einsteins and how there are programs also set out to impact vulnerable mothers and disadvantaged children all over Botswana. All the exciting news certainly made the staff proud and happy to be a part of such a productive organization.

After lunch, a lot of open discussions were held between the Team Building Trainers and REWA staff followed by a lot of fun competitive games between two groups that the staff had been broken into. The Eagles and the Victors shared a lot of laughs as they competed against each other and had to show their problem solving skills but most of all the games and discussion brought about a warm spirit of togetherness as the staff realized the importance of their roles.

Prices and Certificates were awarded for the Most Enthusiastic and most Valuable Contributor which were scooped by the REWA Little Einsteins’ Teachers, Mangy and Michelle.

Skill Builders Botswana is a company that is run by people with a great sense of enthusiasm which easily motivates any group of people that is having a Team Building session by them.

Whilst Kopana may have been the word of the day for the REWA Staff – the unity and togetherness is still in each member’s spirit as we chug through the term.

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Setswana Play and Learn

Setswana Cultural School has introduced the Metshameko Programme at Little Einsteins for children aged 3-5 years.  During these lessons, children play Setswana games, tell stories and sing cultural songs – all the while learning Setswana etiquette and mannerisms to get them to appreciate and embrace the Setswana Culture.
This has a social impact Botswana as a nation nation whilst empowering the children with good social skills as they play, engage in team work skills, good physical exercise, literacy and multi-lingualism.
Setswana Cultural School~Preserving Our Culture Through Play! Re Somarela Ngwao ka Metshameko!
Classes take place at Little Einsteins on Tuesdays from 12pm – 12.30pm and is P550 for the term.
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Yoganastics at Little Einsteins


Yoganastics is a scientifically designed combination of Yoga and Gymnastics. It is artistically put together to benefit children in the best way possible in their journey as they grow physically, mentally and spiritually in their personal, social and academic lives.


The Benefits of Yoganastics for Kids

What Yoga may lack in fun physical or energetic movements that usually capture children’s attention, like running, jumping, spinning and tumbling, Yoganastics brings these out by incorporating Gymnastics exercises and activities.
Similarly, what Gymnastics may lack in the extensive stretching, breathing and mental exercises that help the child balance their physical body with mind and spirit as taught in the art of Yoga, Yoganastics balances it out.
The bottom line is Balance!
Yoganastics takes place at Little Einsteins on Wednesdays from 12pm – 12.30pm and is P300 for the term. 
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