Term 2 at REWA Little Einsteins

Term 2 2017

It is another exciting second term for Little Einsteins and it’s packed with nothing but fun adventures.

Last term’s themes included All about me, Colours all around, The shape of things, Sing a song of opposites and Summer time.

This term our play and learning will be based on the following themes:

  • Autumn
  • World of animals
  • Little things
  • Winter
  • Things that go together
  • It’s chow time

There will be a lot of enjoyable and engaging activities that will couple these themes such as our school trip to Botswana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) and the launch of Show and Tell at our school.

We also have exciting new features to our playing and learn programme which are science experiments, introducing poetry during our story time and show and tell during our circle time. REWA Little Einsteins is a place of free play, diversity and growth which is why this term we now have a dedicated early childhood library and a fantasy world precisely for all our Little Einsteins to explore and discover.

In addition to that, our classrooms have been restructured in a way that reflects the social, emotional, physical and cognitive benefits of the children, during their flow of play and learning.

We are also excited to share with you that REWA Little Einsteins will be joining the rest of the world to celebrate World Environmental Day on the 5th of June when we will be engaging in our own gardening projects. Our aim is to appreciate our natural environment with the children while instilling the virtues of love and appreciation for nature.

To end our term, we have Sports Day on August 10th where we expect to see children, parents and staff put their best foot forward and participate in all our fun races and obstacle courses.

Lots to look forward to and celebrate for Term 2 at REWA Little Einsteins.

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THINK EQUAL at Little Einsteins

This week, we have launched a new programme for our Butterfly Class called THINK EQUAL.

THINK EQUAL is a global education initiative endorsed by the UN Human Rights Office that is introducing social and emotional intelligence learning to children in early years education between the ages of 3-7years. The new subject aims to teach children universal values of compassion, empathy and respect and also key skills of critical thinking, peaceful conflict resolution, citizenship and life skills.

This global initiative launched as pilot programme across 30 schools in Botswana, with support from the Ministry of Education but is also being rolled out simultaneously across 1055 schools in 17 countries, including Canada, UK, Sri Lanka and Kenya .

This initiative is founded by Founding CEO and acclaimed film maker and human rights activist Leslee Udwin (maker of award winning films “India’s Daughter” and “East is East”). Its patrons and ambassadors include Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon, Lord Verjee and Sir Ken Robinson.

What we love about it:

  • It educates children about tolerance, human values, character and an anti-discriminatory mindset from the early years.
  • It’s been designed by world experts in education, early childhood as well as global thinkers in gender, politics and creativity.
  • Each week’s lesson plans are built around a beautiful storybook so it builds literacy and a love of stories too!
  • It’s hands-on and active, with art, role-play and critical thinking incorporated into every single week!

Here’s feedback from trying out the first lesson today:

It was easier to discuss the lesson since our theme, ‘All About Me’, coincided with theirs. The children engaged well pointing out the differences in appearance between themselves and the teacher.

When asked why it’s important to celebrate differences, most children agreed that the world would be boring if everyone looked alike. Though of course, there’s always an exception and there was one who said she’d like it if everyone looked like her. ☺

Storytime during THINK EQUAL was an extra treat and the activity, which involved looking into a mirror, and describing or pointing out what they liked about themselves was of particular success and enjoyment.

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Term 1 2017 Forecast

Our first term has begun with a great blessing of frequent rains that are being enjoyed by the children coming all dressed in boots and raincoats, jumping into muddy puddles. There is so much excitement surrounding all this outdoor play that it’s clearly a treasured novelty for those who have not experienced it in the last few years. 
Parents enjoyed getting to to know each other and teachers at our ‘Getting To Know You Teddy Bear’s Picnic’. This tradition has become a favourite amongst the parents and is well appreciated by all our families and staff alike. 
The termly trip will be to an optometrist, based on our ‘All About Me’ theme. There, the children get their eyes tested and are walked through the practice learning about eye care and the importance of it. We also engage in some fun eye exercises to keep our eye muscles strong. 
A few of the engaging themes in term 1 are ‘Colours All Around’, ‘The Shape of Things’ and ‘All About Me’.
Our end of term celebration is going to be a showcase of some of the children’s amazing work at an Art Exhibition, where parents enjoy a social get together alongside a cup of tea with cake. 
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2017 Term Dates

First Term

Tuesday 17th January – Thursday 13th April

  • Half Term: Monday 6th March & Tuesday 7th March


Second Term

Monday 15th May – Thursday 10th August

  • Sir Seretse Khama Day Holidays: Friday 30th June & Monday 3rd July
  • President’s Day: Monday 17th July
  • Public Holiday: Tuesday 18th July


Third Term

Monday 11th September- Thursday 7th December

  • Botswana day: Saturday 30th September
  • Public Holidays: Monday 2nd October & Tuesday 3rd October
  • Half term: Friday 3rd November & Monday 6th November
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