Setswana Play and Learn

Setswana Cultural School has introduced the Metshameko Programme at Little Einsteins for children aged 3-5 years.  During these lessons, children play Setswana games, tell stories and sing cultural songs – all the while learning Setswana etiquette and mannerisms to get them to appreciate and embrace the Setswana Culture.
This has a social impact Botswana as a nation nation whilst empowering the children with good social skills as they play, engage in team work skills, good physical exercise, literacy and multi-lingualism.
Setswana Cultural School~Preserving Our Culture Through Play! Re Somarela Ngwao ka Metshameko!
Classes take place at Little Einsteins on Tuesdays from 12pm – 12.30pm and is P550 for the term.
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Little Einsteins Sing Along Garden

The Little Einsteins Sing-Along Garden was the theme of the end of year concert at Little Einsteins. The concert showcased the preschoolers’ talents from singing carols and nursery rhymes, to acting in a couple of plays as well as a Graduation for our Butterfly class.

The Sing-Along inspired parents and friends that came in numbers to watch their little ones to join in with each song during the concert. This certainly made the families feel involved and brought about the season’s spirit of joyfulness.

By the end of the show, our Butterflies graduated with so much excitement and delight, showing that were ready to spread their wings to Big School. The families and teachers were all left emotional and proud of the children and the year gone by.

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