Term 1 2017 Forecast

Our first term has begun with a great blessing of frequent rains that are being enjoyed by the children coming all dressed in boots and raincoats, jumping into muddy puddles. There is so much excitement surrounding all this outdoor play that it’s clearly a treasured novelty for those who have not experienced it in the last few years. 
Parents enjoyed getting to to know each other and teachers at our ‘Getting To Know You Teddy Bear’s Picnic’. This tradition has become a favourite amongst the parents and is well appreciated by all our families and staff alike. 
The termly trip will be to an optometrist, based on our ‘All About Me’ theme. There, the children get their eyes tested and are walked through the practice learning about eye care and the importance of it. We also engage in some fun eye exercises to keep our eye muscles strong. 
A few of the engaging themes in term 1 are ‘Colours All Around’, ‘The Shape of Things’ and ‘All About Me’.
Our end of term celebration is going to be a showcase of some of the children’s amazing work at an Art Exhibition, where parents enjoy a social get together alongside a cup of tea with cake. 

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