THINK EQUAL at Little Einsteins

This week, we have launched a new programme for our Butterfly Class called THINK EQUAL.

THINK EQUAL is a global education initiative endorsed by the UN Human Rights Office that is introducing social and emotional intelligence learning to children in early years education between the ages of 3-7years. The new subject aims to teach children universal values of compassion, empathy and respect and also key skills of critical thinking, peaceful conflict resolution, citizenship and life skills.

This global initiative launched as pilot programme across 30 schools in Botswana, with support from the Ministry of Education but is also being rolled out simultaneously across 1055 schools in 17 countries, including Canada, UK, Sri Lanka and Kenya .

This initiative is founded by Founding CEO and acclaimed film maker and human rights activist Leslee Udwin (maker of award winning films “India’s Daughter” and “East is East”). Its patrons and ambassadors include Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon, Lord Verjee and Sir Ken Robinson.

What we love about it:

  • It educates children about tolerance, human values, character and an anti-discriminatory mindset from the early years.
  • It’s been designed by world experts in education, early childhood as well as global thinkers in gender, politics and creativity.
  • Each week’s lesson plans are built around a beautiful storybook so it builds literacy and a love of stories too!
  • It’s hands-on and active, with art, role-play and critical thinking incorporated into every single week!

Here’s feedback from trying out the first lesson today:

It was easier to discuss the lesson since our theme, ‘All About Me’, coincided with theirs. The children engaged well pointing out the differences in appearance between themselves and the teacher.

When asked why it’s important to celebrate differences, most children agreed that the world would be boring if everyone looked alike. Though of course, there’s always an exception and there was one who said she’d like it if everyone looked like her. ☺

Storytime during THINK EQUAL was an extra treat and the activity, which involved looking into a mirror, and describing or pointing out what they liked about themselves was of particular success and enjoyment.

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