Yoganastics at Little Einsteins


Yoganastics is a scientifically designed combination of Yoga and Gymnastics. It is artistically put together to benefit children in the best way possible in their journey as they grow physically, mentally and spiritually in their personal, social and academic lives.


The Benefits of Yoganastics for Kids

What Yoga may lack in fun physical or energetic movements that usually capture children’s attention, like running, jumping, spinning and tumbling, Yoganastics brings these out by incorporating Gymnastics exercises and activities.
Similarly, what Gymnastics may lack in the extensive stretching, breathing and mental exercises that help the child balance their physical body with mind and spirit as taught in the art of Yoga, Yoganastics balances it out.
The bottom line is Balance!
Yoganastics takes place at Little Einsteins on Wednesdays from 12pm – 12.30pm and is P300 for the term. 

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