An Amazing Term 1 To Look Forward To

term 1 little einsteins

It is always so exciting to see children come back to school with so much enthusiasm, giving those smiles and hugs and sharing all their excitement in ways only they can express. Some of the stories shared are usually 50% true and the rest made up! What a fun opportunity to use their imagination and creativity; allowing us to foster ours!

This term is packed with themes, activities, creativity, playful learning and many more adventures that we look forward to sharing with the children and the REWA Little Einsteins family at large.

We kickstarted our term with a great training on the Rainbow Play Approach – a framework for teaching created by our very own Priyanka, and Caroline from SensoBaby! We are eager to implement the approach in our lesson plans, adding more definition and colour to the playful learning ethos we’ve always had at Little Einsteins.  The children will be playing a little more with challenges that they will benefit from, taking it further into big school. To learn more about Rainbow Play Approach please click here.

This term, we‘re planning on introducing an informal social quiz night for parents. Team up with teachers and other parents during the evening, and have a go at the quiz to show off your trivia skills. Other socials will include a parent training on Rainbow Play Approach, Character Education and at the end of the term, an art exhibition that no parent wants to miss. Oh how exciting!

We believe in creating a happy, fun and loving environment for the Children at REWA Little Einsteins. A school is a place where children should come in to learn something new everyday and of course, to be learnt from too. That’s why we shall be celebrating Kid Inventor Day on the 17th of January, when children will be encouraged to create something out of recyclables and prove they are waaaay smarter then we think they are.  We absolutely can’t wait for, “Absolutely Incredible Kid Day” on the 15th of March because that’s exactly what they are!

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  • Kgomotso mulungu July 10, 2019 - 2:35am

    Good job.keep me posted .want my child to join next year


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