Triumphant Term Recap Despite Covid 19

The year 2021 started with a lot of uncertainty and questions; what would school be like in the face of COVID 19, what did we have to adjust and adapt to as a school? How would our school day and routines change?

Despite all this uncertainty we were determined to provide a safe, playful learning space for the children at REWA Little Einsteins. Our resilient staff and pupils took all the new COVID 19 protocols in their stride, we incorporated them in our work but still retained the joy, creativity and fun in play based learning.

First term ushered in a new concept that was adopted throughout the school called Floor Books.

Floor Books, or “giant books” as the Butterfly Class like to call them, are a strategy employed all over the world that gives each child a space in which their thoughts and expressions regarding a particular theme can be recorded.  At Little Einsteins, each child has their own floor book and each is very subjective; no two floor books are alike. Floor books have been a great addition in our endeavour to provide personalised attention to each child in our care as they promote teacher –pupil engagement and allow the teacher to discover each child’s individual interests and then use those interests to guide future learning.  We are so excited about the change floor books are directing in our teaching and learning.

Regardless of the challenges faced this year we have attempted to preserve all the classic Little Einsteins activities that parents and children alike look forward to. These include celebrating World Bicycle Day by shutting down our streets with our community police officers so that our little ones could ride their hearts out in our neighbourhood.

We continued our annual  Easter Egg Hunt, a variety of themed dress up days like our winter pyjama day which we celebrated with hot chocolate and marshmallows and International Tea Day which was also celebrated in hats, bow ties and tutus with a cuppa tea and crumpets.

Who can forget our parent social? In keeping with COVID-19 protocols we held an online social quiz for our community, parents were encouraged to log on together with all their kids. Our victors this year were the Clune family.

During the holidays, all our staff were vaccinated against COVID-19 and we are hopeful that this enables us to create a safer play environment for our school community. 

All these and many other activities have kept us busy throughout the year so far. For the third term, we look forward to celebrating Botswana Day, Diwali, we also look forward to an entertaining and exciting end of year concert and our bittersweet graduation where we are so proud of our little ones but also so sad to see them leave. We have lots more on at our Library and at Learn To Play so keep an eye on our Social Media.

After some fantastic professional development training with LEGO, Inclusion, First Aid and other sessions, we are even more determined to provide a place where children flourish.

Here is to an awesome third term.

Written by Teacher Nyasha

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