P Is For… Play

Children have played since the beginning of times. It is instinct to want to play and
explore. How can we guide our children without understanding the true essence and
importance of play ourselves? Can a game of peekaboo, or playing house, really
teach our children how to think creatively and act socially? It sure can!

Play can be seen as a child’s occupation as it should take up most of their day. The
same way our jobs take up most of our time as parents. Making time for play at
home can even benefit us as adults, allowing us to reconnect with our own “inner

When children engage in real-life and imaginary activities, play can challenge their
thinking. Children thrive and learn best through first-hand experiences – play
motivates, stimulates, and supports children in their development of skills, concepts,
language, communication, and concentration. When children play, they use all their
senses and get to connect what they already know with new knowledge, skills, and
objectives. Play gives them an outlet for creativity and experimentation, and it helps
them learn how to interact and communicate with others.

That is why, at Little Einsteins, we value our play-based approach. Play is what we
do best! We provide our children with a safe space to play, explore, learn and grow.
As teachers, we make sure to strike the balance between guided and free play.
Allowing our children to use and develop their creativity and imagination. Creating
these play-rich environments are important both at school and at home and we will
work together to nurture opportunities for learning through play.

We look forward to another playful term together at Little Einsteins.

– by Ronelda van ‘t Hof

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