A New Approach To Our Curriculum

New Curriculum

It’s been a fun, creative and busy week at school. We’ve been working towards a new curriculum that is reflective of evidence-based research for engagement, deeper learning and developing executive functioning skills – the most critical component to school readiness & lifelong success -cultivated during the formative years of a child’s life.

Term 2 2020

Term 2 2020

Zzzzzzzzzzoom a couple of months ago had a whole different meaning to me. As an early childhood educator, one thinks of buzzing bees and yellow and black artwork and beehives. Today this is a buzz word and with great reason.

An Amazing Term 1 To Look Forward To

term 1 little einsteins

It is always so exciting to see children come back to school with so much enthusiasm, giving those smiles and hugs and sharing all their excitement in ways only they can express. Some of the stories shared are usually 50% true and the rest made up! What a fun opportunity to use their imagination and…

Welcome To REWA Little Einsteins 2018

Happy new year and welcome to REWA Little Einsteins for 2018! We have lots of exciting things planned this term and can’t wait to see our Hungry Caterpillars, Busy Caterpillars and Butterflies again. Important information: School starts on Monday 15th January. Please do try and get your children here by 7.50am so that we can…