Mindfulness Matters

We are almost in the last quarter of 2022. The move back to the “usual” normal after Covid-19 restrictions are taking longer than expected. On top of this, there is a war in EasternEurope, natural disasters in several countries and people starving in drought-strickencountries around the world. Add to that busy schedules and increased screen…

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P Is For… Play

Children have played since the beginning of times. It is instinct to want to play andexplore. How can we guide our children without understanding the true essence andimportance of play ourselves? Can a game of peekaboo, or playing house, reallyteach our children how to think creatively and act socially? It sure can! Play can be…

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Yoganastics at Little Einsteins


Yoganastics is a scientifically designed combination of Yoga and Gymnastics. It is artistically put together to benefit children in the best way possible in their journey as they grow physically, mentally and spiritually in their personal, social and academic lives.   The Benefits of Yoganastics for Kids What Yoga may lack in fun physical or…

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Twinkle Toes Ballet at Little Einsteins

Dance is a wonderful and freeing way to express oneself. Wendy is the Dance Teacher at the after-school programme, Twinkle Toes, here at Little Einsteins. The preschool years are a time of discovering the surrounding world. Curiosity and energy abound and it often seems that children this age are in constant motion. Dance is a wonderful activity…

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