Yoganastics at Little Einsteins


Yoganastics is a scientifically designed combination of Yoga and Gymnastics. It is artistically put together to benefit children in the best way possible in their journey as they grow physically, mentally and spiritually in their personal, social and academic lives.


The Benefits of Yoganastics for Kids

What Yoga may lack in fun physical or energetic movements that usually capture children’s attention, like running, jumping, spinning and tumbling, Yoganastics brings these out by incorporating Gymnastics exercises and activities.
Similarly, what Gymnastics may lack in the extensive stretching, breathing and mental exercises that help the child balance their physical body with mind and spirit as taught in the art of Yoga, Yoganastics balances it out.
The bottom line is Balance!
Yoganastics takes place at Little Einsteins on Wednesdays from 12pm – 12.30pm and is P300 for the term. 
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Twinkle Toes Ballet at Little Einsteins

Dance is a wonderful and freeing way to express oneself. Wendy is the Dance Teacher at the after-school programme, Twinkle Toes, here at Little Einsteins.

The preschool years are a time of discovering the surrounding world. Curiosity and energy abound and it often seems that children this age are in constant motion. Dance is a wonderful activity to help children release that energy and learn balance and coordination.

Classes take place weekly on Mondays.

Time: 11:45am till 12:15

Age: 4 & 5 years old

Please feel free to contact Wendy should you have any questions.

+267 77713301

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The Botswana 50 celebrations was one of the highlights in Term 3 2016. Our school was turned blue, black and white and we celebrated with so much pomp!

The children will explain that it was no doubt one of their favorite activities at Little Einsteins.

They did many arts and crafts related to Batswana culture to take home. We sang the national anthem on a daily basis, danced to traditional music, came dressed in the Botswana flag colours and Bot50 t-shirts on Fridays… but best of all, we learnt how to cook a traditional meal of beans, cabbage and samp.

We are so proud of our Beautiful Botswana. PULA!

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BSPCA Term Trip

During the second term of 2016 we took the children to BSPCA, the Botswana Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

This trip coincides with one of our themes ‘The World of Animals’. It teaches children about the many different kinds of animals, kindness towards animals and how to care for them. Parents kindly donated food and blankets which we helped deliver.

It was a great experience for the children who got to interact with the animals with the help of a kind veterinarian. She engaged them with stories on how some animals lost their limbs and some that were found astray, who when brought to BSPCA, made it their home.

The children were all moved, and were ready to adopt an animal each by the end of our visit!

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